Campers photographing in Sarita Wetland
This page links to records of campers' work where available: campers' photographs, art works, journals. It also links to some other images about the camps.

Selections of campers' work have been placed throughout the website, in the video, and in the story maps.

This is a place where campers and their families can find the rest of the record of camper's creativity and view or download copies for their records.

Link to 2017 Drink Week and Rain Week Images, will be linked from here once they are created and uploaded. Check back!

Link to 2017 Drink Week Images - (Photos, Artwork, Other)
Link to 2017 Rain Week Images - (Photos, Artwork, Other)


Link to 2016 Rain Week Images - (Photos, Art Work, other)
Link to 2016 Drink Week Images - (Photos, Art Work, other)

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