Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rain Week: Day 3

A few campers standing in front of the outfall
— where the storm drains meet the Mississippi

Day three of Rain Week started on the Mississippi River, where the campers were able to see the outfall, also known as the point where storm drains meet the river. Each camper took turns ceremonially using the watering can to pour rain water into outfall. Karen Katz, from the National Parks Service, educated us on the Mississippi watershed. Afterwards, Karen met the rest of us at Crosby Farm Park, which has its shores on the Mississippi, for lunch. The campers learned about the flood plains that surrounded us and the effects rising water has on the ecosystem, such as otters making dens out of Cottonwood tree roots.

Campers taking a relaxing break down by the shore

We took a short hike through the woods to the river, not only to look for otters, but to also enjoy the sunshine on the beach! The campers were very excited to see how many skips they could get from throwing smooth rocks, as well as pointing out the falcons, eagles, and herons (with the assistance of Karen) that flew above the trees. Before we boarded the bus back to home-base, Karen led the campers through an oath, which signaled their transition from ordinary campers to junior rangers, complete with a shiny badge!

Written by Andreas Fenner

A very old tree found on our walk to the water.
Equal to five kids worth!!!

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