Thursday, June 22, 2017

Rain Week: Day 4

photo courtesy of Jaraide Dossavi

A dreary and stormy morning delayed the campers from planting native plants in the Sarita Wetland, so instead they headed inside for water testing. A few different things were tested: dissolved oxygen levels, pH, as well as turbidity. The campers saw different results depending on where they got their water from, the most notable difference being before and after traveling through the wetland. When the water leaves Sarita, it has a slightly lowered turbidity and a more neutral pH than when it came in. This testing taught campers that water quality can change throughout its journey, especially after the positive filtering effects of a wetland.

Photo courtesy of Jaraide Dossavi

Additionally, the campers participated in a map art activity. Using watercolors, they painted the pipes that led to the Sarita wetland also including animal and plant life on top, which are crucial elements in helping the Sarita do its job.
As a memento to the journeys of water, as well as the experiences of camp, the campers crafted necklaces with a vial containing water from the beginning (the downspout) of its journey to the end (Crosby State Park), all tied together with their beaded initials.
Two necklace mementos that contain a piece of the Mississippi for campers to carry with them wherever they go

Photo courtesy of Kit Mercer-Taylor

Written by Andreas Fenner

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