Thursday, June 15, 2017

Water Journey Day 4: Planting in Sarita Wetland!

Camper Sophie ready to plant!
Photo Courtesy of Camper
Campers got their hands dirty today planting native species in the Sarita Wetland. These plants  will help the ground absorb water, clean the water, and provide habitat for wildlife. Before heading to the wetland, campers were taught all about native plants and their roots that help with infiltration. The plants were compared to superhero's which tied in with the superhero theme that is currently happening through Youth Programs.

Campers walking into Sarita Wetland
Photo Courtesy of Jonee Brigham
Map making was the next activity after the students came back from Sarita. A map of River Park, where the intake building can be seen, was decorated with pictures that campers took themselves. Just as a map was made for the start of the water journey, one was made for the end. This map showcased the water treatment plant alongside the Mississippi. Campers used watercolors to creatively interpret what they saw and felt along this week-long water journey.

Camper Anton painting his map.
Photo Courtesy of Jonee Brigham
Camper Sam taking a picture at Sarita Wetland
Photo Courtesy of Jonee Brigham

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