Thursday, June 28, 2018

Drink Week Day 4

Part of GIS Story Map showing the Metropolitan Waste Water Treatment Plant
We poured our water out across from it's effluent channel.
We gathered around the GIS Display to review the map of our journey - how the water traveled from the Mississippi River to our drinking fountain, and back to the Mississippi River.  We remembered how Rena had told us about how the rain garden at River Park helps the river.

Today, we get to help the river too. There is a place on campus called Sarita Wetland, that helps clean the water before it goes to the Mississippi River. That means all the people downstream of us will have better drinking water and so will the fish and eagles.

We planted four kinds of long-rooted native plants that will help water soak into the earth. They will also help pollinators like bees, and other animals, and of course, they are beautiful.
Back at camp, we made art maps to reflect on our journey, and selected two favorite photos we took that will be in the exhibit Friday at 4:30 and also on the story map on this web page.
Olivia and Riya making memory maps

Riya's memory map of activities at River Park
and the St. Paul water intake.

John selecting and captioning his favorite of his photographs
with Jess, on the camp team.

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