Friday, June 29, 2018

Drink Week Day 5 Sharing the Story

During the camp day, we tested our water to see how it changed along its journey, and we worked on art some more.

Water Quality Testing

Reporting out results to compare water quality at different locations

Water taste testing - comparing water from the drinking fountain
to bottled water. (Most of us preferred the drinking fountain)

An activity near the end to remember our favorite parts of camp.

Reciting the camp poem as we take a final drink of water from
The drinking fountain.
 The final activity of camp was to share the story of what we did and learned. That way other people can learn the story of Water We Drink so they want to save water and help keep it clean. One way we did this is to have an art-science exhibit showing where we went, the photographs we took, the notebooks and maps we made, the plants we planted, and the things we noticed that we thought were interesting and important.

The other way to do this, is with THIS story map. That way all the people who can't come to the exhibit can learn about the Water We Drink too.

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