Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rain Week Day 4

Campers planting flowers in Sarita Wetland
Campers gathered together to reflect on what they'd seen, liked, and learned from the journey to the Mississippi River yesterday. Then we looked at the GIS Story map for our camp called, "The Story of Rain: 2018." We looked at the places we'd been, and saw lots of opportunities for campers to make the story map more interesting with their photographs and observations which will be added on Friday. 

We learned about how Sarita Wetland helps protect water, with its native flowers and grasses, and campers found out that they get to help Sarita help the river by adding more plants. So we headed along the path of rain from our storm drain to Sarita Wetland and took turns planting and photographing the beautiful landscape. After that, campers returned to our "Studio/Lab" to work in their journals and make an art map about Sarita.

Here are the four types of plants we planted today: 
  • Smooth Aster
  • Lavender Hyssop
  • Stiff Goldenrod
  • Nodding Pink Onion

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