Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rain Week Day 3

Photo of Outfall, by camper, Melody L.

Photo looking out from outfall by camper, Audrey S.
Day three of Rain Week started on the Mississippi River, where the campers were able to see the St. Anthony Outfall at Meeker Island Park. An outfall is a point where the pipes from storm drains meet the river. The campers learned about how more than trash can be pollution. For example, when leaves, grass, and dog poop go down the storm drain and all end up at the river, they can become pollution too and so it is important to keep them out of the drains and off of land where they can wash down the drains. Standing on the dirt path near the bottom of the stairs, campers heard the water flowing into the river from the outfall. We saw several fish jump as we collected river water by lowering a bucket on a string so we could observe the water, smell it, and measure its temperature. Finally, campers recited the Follow the Rain poem as teacher-Madeline poured the rain can over the outfall. Goodbye Rain!

At lunch, campers drew their memories of collecting water at the outfall
Then we bused to Crosby Farm Park for lunch and working in our journals. Abby, a park ranger from the National Park Service, educated us about the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area - one of five National Parks in Minnesota. Afterwards, Abby walked us through the flood plain forest with its huge Cottonwood trees, on our way to the Mississippi River, where we played by the water, collected more water for testing, and painted in our journals with water colors using the Mississippi River for the water!
Forest Detail Photo by camper, John W.

River view at Crosby Farm Park by camper, Keegan H.

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