Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Q&A with Brian Goodspeed, Park Ranger

On Wednesday, July 20th, Rain Campers met Brian Goodspeed at Meeker Island Park, near the St. Anthony Outfall. This is also the site of the remnants of an old lock and dam. Brian took campers on a short hike along the Mississippi River, here to explore the significance of the river beyond Minnesota, as a nationally and internationally important river. I asked Brian a few questions about his work and interests in water and the Mississippi River.

Q: What do you do for your job?
A: I'm a Park Ranger for the U.S. National Park Service specializing in Education

Q: What do you like best about your job?
A: Sharing information about the river with students

Q: What is your favorite thing about water?
A: Watching wildlife use it.

Q: What is your favorite place on the Mississippi River?
A: Shallow places where I can see mussels on the river bottom.

Q: What do you think people should know about water or that might surprise them about water?
A: Fresh water is very scarce in most of the world. We are water wealthy in Minnesota.

Thanks, Brian for your time and tour today!

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