Thursday, July 21, 2016

Rain Camp Day 4 - Reflecting on the Journey

The story of rain campers are following is being built in a GIS Story Map HERE!

Today Campers saw how their journey is starting to build a story to share with others.

  • Got a sneak peek at the outline of a GIS Story Map about their journey
  • Learned that they will help tell the story by filling in lots of details about what they saw and learned using their photographs, words, and artwork
  • Made an art map of the St. Anthony outfall they visited yesterday, expressing the "stuff" that comes out the outfall
  • Made an art map of the flood plain forest at Crosby Farm Park, making note of animals and plants that live there.
  • Made an art map of Sarita Wetland and all the pipes that flow into it, adding layers of plants, water, and animals that make this their home, and help keep the water healthy.

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