Friday, July 22, 2016

Rain Camp Day 5 - Final Steps and Sharing the Story

Campers running the GIS Story Map of their journey
for their parents at the exhibit reception.
Today Campers participated in some final activities to complete their camp experience and prepare for the art-science exhibit reception in the afternoon.

  • Each student selected a favorite photo they took to include in the exhibit and in the on-line story map. But ALL the camper photos are available for viewing (and downloading) in the Rain Camp Photo Gallery on this website.
  • The AM group students planted native plants at Sarita Wetland, to help provide habitat for animals, and help the water soak into the ground below, and eventually to the aquifer. (The PM students had done this earlier in the week).
  •  The PM group students tested water samples from Sarita overflow, the St. Anthony Outfall, and Crosby Farm Park and learned about some of the ways to measure water quality. (The AM group had tested water samples earlier in the week)
  • And all campers helped prepare the Commons Meeting and Art Space for the exhibit, making signs, decorating display tables, and writing a message to visitors on ways to help water. 
At the reception, campers showed their parents what they experienced and the things they made!

Thank you campers for wonderful week exploring the story of rain together!

Come back to this website in the coming weeks to see your photos in the story map and in August there will be a video here about both camps: Water Journeys: Rain and Water Journeys: Drink, that starts next week.

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