Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Rain Camp Day 3 - From Sarita to the River

Campers bused from St. Paul Campus to find out where the rain goes when it overflows from Sarita Wetland. They:
  • Traveled to the St. Anthony Outfall to see the giant tunnel where the stormwater comes out
  • Met Britta Suppes and Joe Sellner from the Capital Region Watershed District, who monitor water quality here and other locations in the watershed and talked about how people can help keep stormwater clean to help the river.
  • Met Brian Goodspeed, a park ranger from the National Park Service who talked about the Mississippi River's significance to the country and the world
  • Went further downstream, to Crosby Farm Park to see a floodplain forest and spend time by the river.
The story of rain that campers are following is being built in a GIS Story Map HERE!

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