Thursday, July 28, 2016

Water We Drink - Day 4

Today campers saw the beginning of the Water We Drink story map, which combines multimedia story telling with the ability to use interactive maps to help tell where the story took place. It started as an outline and will be filled in with campers photos and artwork to tell the story of the water we drink through their eyes.

After reviewing all the places they have traveled following the water, and remembering how they've learned some ways to keep water healthy, it was time for them to participate in stewarding our water resources (while having lots of fun!) Campers walked to Sarita Wetland, and put in native plants that will help the water soak into the ground, help clean the water, and provide habitat for wildlife.

Then they worked on an art map of the waste water treatment map, expressing how the treated water returns to the river, after its long journey from the river, through the water treatment process, to their fountain, and down the drain.

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