Monday, July 18, 2016

Rain Camp Day 1 - Where does the Rain Go?

Campers arrived to day 1 of Rain Camp at Institute on the Environment  on the U of MN Campus for a day full of activities like
  • Meeting the Storm Drain to ask "Where does the rain go?
  • Decorating their nature notebooks
  • Learning how to use the cameras
  • Finding Rain (an expedition to the roof!)
  • Picnic lunch at Cornercopia - the UMN student organic farm
  • and Rain Lands, a walking tour of places on St. Paul Campus that show different types of plants and soils that rain might land on when it comes from the sky. like a mushroom garden, a trial and display garden, a Native American Medicine garden or farm fields filled with Lester Soil. 
The story of rain that campers are following is being built in a GIS Story Map HERE!
We'll add to this throughout the week with pictures of and by campers, art work, and stories they collected about rain's path through the land.

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