Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Water We Drink - Day 2

Today, Campers met Cathy Abene, Civil Engineer from the University of Minnesota, who showed them how the water comes into campus and goes all the way to the drinking fountain they are studying.
Highlights included:
  • Seeing Giant Pumps
  • Going INSIDE a water tower!
  • Peeking inside the mechanical room where the water meter for the LES building is
  • And arriving at the Drinking Fountain to appreciate the amazing journey water took from the Mississippi River to this point, just so campers could take a drink.

Then Campers created artworks to reflect on water.
  • Co-teacher, Rebecca Barney, led them in a collage map using photographs they took at River Park and  the St. Paul Water Intake building.
  • And Lead Teacher, Kate Flick, led them in creating the cover of their nature notebooks to answer the question, "Who is Water?"

Finally, Campers continued the journey, back at the drinking fountain, pouring water down the drain, and meeting Cathy Abene again to see where it goes from there.
  • Dan, a plumbing expert at the University, opened up a maintenance hole over the Sanitary Sewer so campers could peek down at the other waste water that goes down the drain with the drinking fountain water: hand-washing water, and toilet flush..

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